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Willie Jenkins is the definition of drive and determination. As an entrepreneur, he has exceeded
not only the expectations of others but that of his own. He exhibits traits of leadership,
perseverance and passion both in and outside the work field. Adding his unique touch of
personalization to the client experience, the Tennessee-born, Mississippi-raised entrepreneur
seeks to enlighten as many individuals as possible about the importance of excellent credit.

Armed with over 13 years of hospitality experience, it is clear that Mr. Jenkins is a man of the
people. Service is at the center of his business operations. This is why he never fails to go that
extra mile to see that special smile of satisfaction upon the face of prospects and clients.
He has been gifted with a selfless spirit and helpful hands. Willie leaves every person and place with a personal touch we may as well call “The Willie Effect”.
Growing up in a home where feud outweighed function, Willie found that he had to play the
role of adult much earlier than the designated age. Yet he accredits the pitfalls of his childhood
for the life of prosperity he is living today.
It was the shortcomings of his past which propelled him into his purpose, for it was during those periods that he mastered discipline. As your credit expert, Willie deems it his responsibility to create an air of comfort around the credit. He understands that an individual’s credit score is a very personal matter and therefore must be handled as such. He knows firsthand the shame that strolls alongside poor credit.
For that reason, he has made it his mission to see others win, and win big at that. Changing lives is more than a mission, it is his way of being.
Having used other companies in the past to repair his own credit, Willie has realized their
system of “slow and steady with lots of money”. Now he is a part of a company that offers
much more than credit restoration which also seeks to educate its clients on matters of finance,
all at a reasonable rate.
Utilizing the Fair Credit Reporting Act, this company is able to dispute
all negative items on your credit report with all three credit bureaus at the same time, hence
the plethora of customer results. Working with Willie means you will come to know his knack for perfection. It is that very sense of perfectionism which has seen him to the top, which has also given him raving reviews.
He gets down to the nuts and bolts of credit repair in order to ensure that his clients get their
deserved and desired results. For Willie, restoration extends well beyond the credit industry.
Innately, he is a fixer. Therefore, you will see him implementing his screwdriver-spirit in more
ways than one.
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